Ordering from Sambu

The shipping cost include : extern invoice taxes, packing taxes, shipping fee.
For PayPal payment please note that includes 3,9 taxes.
Shipping fee is changes depends of item price.
JPY 0 - JPY 6.000 JPY 110
JPY 6,000 - JPY 29,999 JPY 550
JPY 30,000 - JPY 1,100

Shipping fee is for time order.
PayPal taxes 3.9% from total cost (item price + shipping fee + shipping cost)
1)item price:
2)shipping fee:
3)shipping cost
4)PayPal taxe

NOTICE: For a better communication with our international customers, now we have employ a new full-time English-Japanese translator to work with all orders that come trough our English webside.

If you need any information or if you have any question don't hesitate to e-mail us, we will be glad if we could help you.


The full order proces is detailed below:

1.You place an online order on our English website.

2.We check the availability of items you requested and calculate the shipping cost.

3.Our translator will send you the final shipping costs for your confirmation.

4.Once you agree to the costs,we will send you a PayPal request to complete the payment.Soon as the payment is complete we will start to prepare your order to be shipped.
Any custom items are commissioned at this time.

The whole order is held until we prepare all the items you have requested , unless we receive instructions to separate the shipping of items.

5.When your package is ready to ship, we will notify you and ask that you confirm that you will be ready to receive it when it arrives at your location. This extra confirmation is done to avoid having packages returned to us in Japan.

6.After we receive your shipment confirmation ,we will ship your package and provide you a tracking no. for EMS,FedEx or UPS.

We like to inform you that the shipping cost include also the fee (our company once);the fee is changed according the size and weight of your order. Thank you for your understanding!


As you know, kyudo equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. This makes it almost impossible to program our website to calculate shipping costs accurately. Instead, for each order we receive we calculate shipping costs by hand.

To give you an opportunity to approve all costs involved in your order, we ask you to review your final order quote, including shipping costs, and give your approval before we process your payment.

This ensures that you are completely aware of all costs involved with your order before your payment is processed.

If you do not confirm your order within two months of receiving the final invoice email,your order will be canceled.

Payment Methods

An alternate method of payment is through PayPal worldwide. There are no extra fees for the customer when paying via PayPal and payment confirmation is immediate, thus allowing us to ship your order quickly. Customers are also able to use a credit card when paying via PayPal.

For more information about PayPal, please visit their website:
※We cannot ship your order until the full amount of the payment has been received.
Your order will ship once payment is confirmed. Confirmation of funds transferred may take 7-10 days.

Sambu Kyuguten

1298 Mori
Sambu-shi, Chiba-ken

TEL: 0475-88-0005 (Japanese only)
FAX: 0475-88-1197 (24-hour)

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

We will ship any items in our online catalog to just about anywhere in the world! Shipping costs and methods are calculated once the order has been placed and then confirmed via email. If you have specific shipping needs, please include these instructions with your order. Sales are final after shipping costs have been agreed upon.

Every effort is made to give you the fastest possible service. However even when all items are in stock it may take 3-5 days upon receiving payment for us to assemble and ship your order. When items are not in stock it may take up to one month to receive them from the manufacturer before we can ship it to you. We will do our best to communicate to you when this is the case. Once your items have shipped you will receive notification of shipment with a tracking number. We appreciate your understanding.

Custom Ordered Items
If you order custom items, such as arrows, yugake or custom-sized uniform items, shipping time may take sevaral months or more. Please take this into careful consideration when you place your order.
Shipping within Japan
Please note that the prices on this website do not include Japanese sales tax, as it is not necessary for international orders. However, if your order is shipped to an address within Japan it will be necessary to add 5% sales tax to the order.
Shipping Bows
Shipping bows is expensive due to their length. It is usually much more economical to order several bows at a time, as the additional weight of a few bows is not usually enough to change the shipping price. Consult our page on Shipping for Bows for cost estimations. If you have any concerns or questions about your shipping requirements, please contact us!

Return Policy

Please confirm the contents of your order as soon as you receive it.

Damaged Goods or Missing Items:
Before you sign to accept your delivery from Sambu Kyuguten, please check that the box is not damaged. Pay particular attention that there are no rips or cuts to the box or other packaging materials. Only sign for your delivery if the package is in good condition.
In the event that you sign for a damaged package, there is no way to receive compensation for the damage. Sambu Kyuguten is not responsible for any damage incurred to our deliveries in transit to our customers. When receiving a damaged package, customers are responsible for seeking compensation from the shipping companies directly. Sambu Kyuguten will not ship replacement items without receiving proper compensation for the cost of the items.
Undamaged returns:
We restrict returns to unopened items as long as we receive contact within 7 days of receipt of the order.
If you decide to return an unopened item, please contact us within 7 days and we will send you the return shipping address.
In this case, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
Shipments that are refused delivery at the convenience of the customer will be returned to our shop in Japan. In this case, the cost of the products and shipping are forfeited by the customer.
We cannot accept the return of a bow that has been used, meaning a bow that has had an arrow knocked. We will not accept the return of bows with marks on the seki-ita, the yasurido, the nigiri, or show any other signs of use.
We cannot accept the return of arrows that have been cut to length and the yanone attached.
When you purchase a yugake, please try it on immediately upon receipt. Please note that due to the hand-made nature of these products, there will be slight differences in fit even among custom ordered yugake.
We cannot accept the return of a yugake once it has been worn to torikake with a bowstring, shoot a bow or if the leather shows other signs of wear.
Please confirm the length of your hakama as soon as you receive it.
We cannot accept the return of a hakama once the tacking strings have been removed.

Currency Conversion

Since our customers shop from around the world, we list all of our prices in Japanese Yen.
If you'd like an estimation of prices in your currency, you can try using's Personal Currency Assistant.
This will open a pop-up currency converter that you can use as you browse our site (you may need to tell your pop-up blocker to allow this window to appear from

Please note: Your final currency conversion rate may vary slightly when you submit payment depending on how you send payment.
PayPal payments are converted using their currency rates, at the time of payment.