We pledge to protect the privacy of our customers.
We know that it is our professional responsibility to protect the personal information of our customers, and use it only as appropriate.

Definition of Personal Information
Personal Information is defined as the descriminating information about an individual, such as the name, birthdate, gender, telephone number, email address, occupation or work contact information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
We collect the personal information only for the purposes listed below.
Because it is the case that the customer voluntarily submits this personal information, the customer consents the use of the personal information they have offered in accordance with this policy.

- Information necessary for us to delivery ordered products
- Information that allows us to offer guidance on new products we believe would be of interest to our customers
- Information necessary for us to contact customers in the normal course of business and collect opinions to improve our customer service
- Information necessary to respond to various inquiries

Personal Information and Third Parties
We will not disclose personal information to a third party without previous consent of that individual unless required to do so by a legal warrant.

Management of Information Transfer
In order to provide customers with products or services, we may have to provide a limited amount of customer information to an external business.
In those cases, we handle this personal information with great care and share only that which is necessary during the course of normal business.

Management of Personal Information
At Sambu Kyuguten, we have assigned the task of protecting the personal information of our customers to a chief privacy officer, who will verify any necessary information and take the utmost care to manage this information.

Amendment or Deletion of Personal Information
If we receive a request to amend, change or delete personal information entrusted to us, we will first verify the identity of the customer making the request and then respond within a reasaonble period of time with appropriate action.

Our online store is verifed by Comodo Digital ID SSL Certificate.
All of the data on our website is transferred via encrypted chanels between our servers and our customers’web browser, so our customers can be confident in the security of their information.