This is a simple guide to choosing the appropriate shaft for your arrows.

The new Easton KYUDO Carbon is on par in stability with the aluminum 2015 shaft. Those who use the aluminum 2014 or 2015 shafts can use this new KYUDO Carbon without worry! Arrow speed and stability is increased!

Arrow Shaft Bow Strength
Easton Aluminum 1913 11kg〜13kg
Easton Aluminum 2014 13kg〜15kg
Easton Aluminum 2015 over 13kg
Easton Aluminum 2117 over 20kg
Easton Carbon 76-20 10kg〜14kg
Easton Carbon 80-23 14kg〜20kg
Easton Carbon 74-21(Old 73-13) 14kg〜20kg
Mizuno Carbon 75-18S 10kg〜12kg
Mizuno Carbon 75-18[BM]
Mizuno Carbon 80-20S 12kg〜14kg
Mizuno Carbon 80-20[BM]
Mizuno Carbon 80-24 15kg〜17kg
Mizuno Carbon 80-24[BM]
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 75-20BC 12kg〜14kg
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 80-24BC 15kg〜17kg
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 83-26BC 17kg〜20kg

For longer shaft lengths, the Aluminum 2014 and 2015 shafts can be patched together at the additional cost of ¥315 per arrow. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with any other arrow shaft.

Yashaku (矢尺)

Yashaku is the length of your arrows. Yadzuka is the measurement from the center of your neck to the tips of your outstreatched fingers on the left arm. Beginners should add 10-15cm to their yadzuka to get their yashaku.

  • At our shop we measure the yashaku from the edge of the hazu to the opposite edge of the shaft
  • When we add the arrow tip (yajiri or yanone), this will make the arrows about 1 cm longer than the yashaku. (we do not include the yajiri in our measurement because it can slip further onto the arrow shaft with use, thus lessening the length of the arrow)
  • At our store we use glueless yajiri to attach to our arrows. Compared to the glued yajiri of the past, these are harder to remove and the edge of the yajiri is slightly thinner.
Yashaku Image

Beginners should be sure to consult with their instructor about their yashaku.

See our pages on Arrows for pricing.