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Hisyouturu - Nami sun Ni-sun Nobi #0,#1,#2 飛翔弦 並寸・二寸伸/0号・1号・2号 C-183

Price:JPY1,540(not including Shipping)

Model: C-183

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NamisunNI-sun Nobi
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The string twisting accuracy is high, and the strength, elongation, and string sound are dramatically improved compared to conventional Kevlar strings.

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Size Nami-sun (0gou/1gou/2gou)
Nisun-nobi (0gou/1gou/2gou)
Quantity Two

Standard of thickness of Tsuru
0gou 12kg or less
1gou 12kg or more
2gou 17kg or more
3gou over 20kg