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Juban Female (Silk Gauze) Size:XL 襦袢 絽 特大 (女性用)

Price:JPY8,100(not including Shipping)

Model: H-048
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For Women only.

Wear under the silk gauze or striped kimono.

If you are ordering this to match a kimono you already own, please also send measurements A, B, C and D as shown on the image to the right.

Size Measurements:

Size A B C D
S 30cm 31.5cm 49.5cm 91cm
M 32cm 31.5cm 49.5cm 91cm
ML 33cm 33.5cm 52.5cm 95cm
L 32cm 33.5cm 52.5cm 91cm
XL 34cm 35.5cm 52.5cm 95cm