For us to be able to provide you with a glove that fits properly, we require that you provide the measurements listed below. It's best to have another person take the measurements on your right hand and to record all measurements in centimeters.

What is Tegata?
Tegata is when we pick a yugake from our stock that best matches the measurements of your hand.  It is still necessary to send the full set of measurements according the directions below.  If a suitable yugake is not found in our stock, it may be necessary to have it custom made for you.  In that case, the custom order fee will be applied.


First, please download the Kake Order Form.

1) For each finger, please measure:

  1. the length of the finger
  2. the circumference around the middle knuckle
  3. the circumference around the thickest part of the finger (usually between the base of the finger and the middle knuckle)

2) Provide the measurements of:

  • the circumference around the palm, from midway between the base of the palm and the smallest finger to the point at the base of the thumb
  • the circumference around the palm at the base of the 4 fingers
  • the circumference around the wrist (above the wrist bone)

3) Include an outline of your right hand.

  • Use a ball-point pen, holding it perpendicular to the paper
  • Trace completely around your entire hand
  • Trace 5cm up the arm from the wrist
  • Please view this Sample Outline as an example
  • Please mark your wrist joint with a line so that we can place the himo correctly

4) Mail the completed Kake Order Form & hand outline to us via post.

We do not accept Kake Order Form via fax or email. We have found that the hand traces may be resized when sent via these methods, which may cause poorly sized yugake. To ensure the proper size, you must make accurate measurements and send them via post.

Please contact us if you have any questions.