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Hakama - Stitched Pleats Size:27-28 袴 奥ヒダステッチ入り 27-28号

Price:JPY6,710(not including Shipping)

Model: H-051

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Pleats are stitched for easier washing and folding.
This product line has a full range of sizes available.

Those who currently own a hakama should provide the length of their current hakama measured from just below the obi to the hem down the front center. Those who do not own a hakama should provide the measurement from your hip bone to your ankle bone (in centimeters).

Standard height Size
155cm 20 76cm 3cm 79cm
158cm 21 79cm 82cm
161cm 22 82cm 85cm
165cm 23 85cm 88cm
168cm 24 88cm 91cm
172cm 24.5 91cm 94cm
175cm 25 94cm 97cm
178cm 26 97cm 100cm
182cm 27 100cm 103cm
185cm 28 103cm 106cm
188cm 29 106cm 109cm
191cm 30 109cm 112cm

Standard height Size
138cm 20 76cm 3cm 79cm
142cm 21 79cm 82cm
146cm 22 82cm 85cm
150cm 23 85cm 88cm
153cm 24 88cm 91cm
157cm 24.5 91cm 94cm
160cm 25 94cm 97cm
164cm 26 97cm 100cm
168cm 27 100cm 103cm
171cm 28 103cm 106cm
175cm 29 106cm 109cm
179cm 30 109cm 112cm

Front Width Male:30cm    Female:29cm
Back Width Male:25cm    Female:27cm