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Cedar-Made Giriko & Fudeko Holder (Japanese Cedar Trees) 杉製 両用粉入れ

Price:JPY3,980(not including Shipping)

Model: J-160
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Please understand that it does not choose the color of the string.

Giriko & Fudeko Holder is made of Japanese Cedar Trees.
The mouth of the lid is divided into upper and lower parts.
Because it is octagon, it is easy to turn the lid.
Loosening the string makes it easy to remove the lid, so changing powder is easy.

External Diameter: 2.5cm
Height: 8.0cm
Length of string: 11.0cm

(Part of Giriko)
Internal Diameter: 1.5cm
Height: 8.0cm

(Part of Fudeko)
Internal Diameter: 1.5cm
Height: 2.5cm