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Kirameki Tsuru - Namisun,2sunNobi [1 strings per package.] High quality 煌 本麻下地 1本入り 並寸・二寸伸

Price:JPY1,518(not including Shipping)

Model: C-160

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Namisun2sun Nobi
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[Material]:High quality Synthetic
String Thickness Guide
1goubelow 16kg
2gou16kg and avobe
3gou22kg and avobe

KIRAMEKI TSURU is made by the same maker which produces ASA TSURU .
KIRAMEKI TSURU is made of xyron fiber.
The strength and tsurune is the most important property of this high quality synthetic fibers tsuru.
Inside the tsuruwa is use asa(hemp) to be easy to handle.