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Masadzumi-Tokkyuhin Mithuyubikake(SoFukurin) Without Itimonjikazari正澄特級品三指カケ(総ふくりん)一文字飾りなし

Price:JPY198,000(not including Shipping)

Model: J-112


Kake Himo Color

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For custom order yugake ,we want to inform you that once you have receive the product you can not exchange it or be refund ,that's why please check the sizing form(tegata) careful before you send it by post mail.

・This yugake is custom order and can take up to 3 - 6 months to have made.
・Please be sure to complete the Kake Order form and mail two copies to the following address AFTER you have completed your order online and submitted payment.
・We do not accept Kake Order forms via email or fax.

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