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Senzan - Kataboushi - Jo - Mitsugake - tegata 千山 堅帽子 上 三ツカケ 手形合わせ

Price:JPY27,000(not including Shipping)

Model: J-138
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[Yugake specifications] Mitsugake, Sanbu Heri, Ecsaine Kakehimo(Suede-like artificial leather)

What is Tegata?
Tegata is when we pick a yugake from our stock that best matches the measurements of your hand. ?It is still necessary to send the full set of measurements according the directions below. ?If a suitable yugake is not found in our stock, it may be necessary to have it custom made for you. ?In that case, the custom order fee will be applied.

Especially designed for those who do shamen uchiokoshi, the tsurumichi is cut at a right angle to the direction of the thumb.

・Please be sure to complete the Kake Order form and mail two copies to the following address AFTER you have completed your order online and submitted payment.
・We do not accept Kake Order forms via email or fax.

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