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Shoho - Kataboushi - Jo - Mitsugake - Custom Order 翔鳳 堅帽子 上 三ツカケ フルオーダー製作

Price:JPY33,000(not including Shipping)

Model: J-007


Kake Himo Color



This is a standard model for all Ryu-ha
This yugake could be use from beginner to hight level Kyudo practicer .

Leather rank : NAMI - is a cheap yugake ,but the quality and used style are standard

: JO -we choose a good leather that are coloured also on the back side.
: TOKUSEN-we choose the best coloured leather on both sides
: TOKUJO -it is the best quality smoke leather . for HARAKAWA ana HINERIKAWA also,we use a hight quality leather.

If you buy a yugake ,is included in price also :

-kakebukurou -1pcs(you can not choose the colour )
-shitagake-2pcs(the same size as the yugake you order)

Please note that this item is made from natural deer leather ,so it is possible to have scratches ,thank you for understanding.

This yugake is custom order and can take up to 3 months to have made.

For custom order yugake ,we want to inform you that once you have receive the product you can not exchange it or be refund ,that's why please check the sizing form(tegata) careful before you send it by post mail.

Please send us by post mail the TEGATA(the outline and the sizing of your right hand)
If you send us by FAX,the size could be different, so please don't send us by FAX.
If you use a printer to make a photo print ,also the size could be different.
Please make a outline of your right hand using a pen.

・Please be sure to complete the Kake Order form and mail two copies to the following address AFTER you have completed your order online and submitted payment.

1298,Mori,Sammu city,Chiba,Japan, 289-1214
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