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Tenkyu Grip Conditioner 天弓グリップコンディショナーセット

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Model: F-054
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Lotion Net. 80g
Powder Net. 9g

Contains both Lotion and powder.
This lotion and powder is for stabilizing the moisture levels of the nigiri of the bow.
Much like women's makeup, the relationship between lotion and powder are much like face lotoin and foundation.
It's not to be thought of as an anti-slipping solution, but rather as a way to keep the nigiri in a consistent condition.

[How to use]
Step1. Take a small amount of lotion in your hand and spread over the entire nigiri.
Step2. Once the lotion is about half dry, rub in the powder.
*Those who have a tendency towards sweaty hands should use more powder, those with dry hands should use more lotion.