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【D-1697】Turkey white feather - Set of 6 (Shaft Size 2015) ターキー 白羽 2015シャフト 6本組

Price:JPY13,860(not including Shipping)

Model: D-1697

Yashaku (Arrow Length)

Item Information

Please Note:
※ If the specified arrows do not match, they can not be exchanged / for reasons different from colors and other images.
※ Please note that small scratches (plating electrode pattern) are required on the shaft top for shaft production.

? Early shipment is possible.
? Specify the length of the arrow (the length of the arrow). If you are a beginner, please refer to about 10 to 15 cm.
? the arrow is 85 cm to 105 cm. Please contact us for other lengths.
?- At our shop, draw an arrow from the tip of the shaft to the tip. (See the figure below)
? Please note that as you turn on the arrowhead, the total length will be about 1 cm longer.
(Since the tip of the arrow head wears out during use, it is not included in the scale)
※ Please consult with the leader.

Yashaku - Allow Length

Item Detail

Types of blades White Fletching
Type of shaft 2015
Shaft color Black
Colored thread color White

this is a simple guide to choosing the appropriate shaft for your arrows.

Arrow Shaft Bow Strength
Easton Aluminum 1913 11kg - 13kg
Easton Aluminum 2014 13kg - 15kg
Easton Aluminum 2015 over 13kg
Easton Aluminum 2117 over 20kg
Easton Carbon 76-20 10kg - 14kg
Easton Carbon 80-23 14kg - 20kg
Easton Carbon 74-21(Old 73-13) 14kg - 20kg
Mizuno Carbon 75-18S 10kg - 12kg
Mizuno Carbon 75-18[BM]
Mizuno Carbon 80-20S 12kg - 14kg
Mizuno Carbon 80-20[BM]
Mizuno Carbon 80-24 15kg - 17kg
Mizuno Carbon 80-24[BM]
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 75-20BC 12kg - 14kg
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 80-24BC 15kg - 17kg
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 83-26BC 17kg - 20kg