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【R-004】Shaft only (Shaft size 1912 , 1913 , 2014 , 2015 ) ジュラシャフトのみ 1本

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Model: R-004

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Item Information

It is a sale of one durarumin shaft.
The length of the shaft is about 105 to 110 cm.

Item Detail

Types of Saft 1912/1913/2014/2015
Shaft color Black/Brown/Silver/Gray

※Depending on the type, there may be no color.

this is a simple guide to choosing the appropriate shaft for your arrows.

Arrow Shaft Bow Strength
Easton Aluminum 1913 11kg - 13kg
Easton Aluminum 2014 13kg - 15kg
Easton Aluminum 2015 over 13kg
Easton Aluminum 2117 over 20kg
Easton Carbon 76-20 10kg - 14kg
Easton Carbon 80-23 14kg - 20kg
Easton Carbon 74-21(Old 73-13) 14kg - 20kg
Mizuno Carbon 75-18S 10kg - 12kg
Mizuno Carbon 75-18[BM]
Mizuno Carbon 80-20S 12kg - 14kg
Mizuno Carbon 80-20[BM]
Mizuno Carbon 80-24 15kg - 17kg
Mizuno Carbon 80-24[BM]
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 75-20BC 12kg - 14kg
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 80-24BC 15kg - 17kg
Mizuno Bamboo Carbon 83-26BC 17kg - 20kg