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Please acknowledge not being able to choose the thickness of Shaft, color of the thread and the Hazu.

※It will be sold separately from 1 unit.

Kazu-ya (Shaft of Bamboo) 100cm or 105cm【Ready-made】 既製品 竹 数矢

Price:JPY3,300(not including Shipping)

Model: P-025

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We can not accept returns / exchanges due to reasons such as different from images such as color.

It is Kazu-ya(arrow) of bamboo material.

Selling from 1 unit.
Please understand beforehand that the thickness of No(箆=shaft) can not be selected.

Please note that if you attach an arrowhead, the total length will be about 5 mm longer.

Thickness:can not choose it.
Feathers:Turkey White
Nock of Arrow:Engineering plastics hazu
Length:100cm or 105cm
Number of pieces:1