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Seiga - Carbon - Ni-sun Nobi 清雅 節付き カーボン 二寸伸 

Price:JPY57,200(not including Shipping)

Model: A-067

Bow Strength

Bow Bag Color

Leather Grip Color

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!!! Benefit

If you buy this yumi you will receive as present :
-tsuru 1pcs.
-water resistant bow cover-small

For this presents you can not choose the color.

If we don't have on stock the power(kg) you wish for your yumi it will take 1-2 months to be ready t o send.

The new Jikishin1 carbon is made to look like a take yumi, has fushi made by Epoxy Clay .
Fushi make the carbon's strong repulsive force ,when you shoot the ya ,to suppress the vibrations, for this reason ,the new Jikishin 1 carbon is recommend to the ones who don't like this vibrations, for middle and hight class Kyudo practicer .

Please note that :

- yumi has slightly individual difference,

- yumi's form,nigirikawa ,color,etc. may not look exactly as in the picture.

- if your yumi it breaks after use we can not change it or refund you.

The material of this bow is fiberglass molded to show the joints of a bamboo bow.
When the requested size or strength is not available, we will have to custom order from from the manufacturer. It can take several months to receive a custom made bow.