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Sui - Namisun 粋(すい)並寸

Price:JPY53,900(not including Shipping)

Model: A-011


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Sansun Tsumari is available in 10k-17k
All other sizes are available in 10-20k.

Due to the nature of construction, the pull strength on this bow is approximate. For example, a bow ordered at 16k will turn out to be 16.0k ~ 16.9k.

This bow inherits some of the same qualities of a bamboo bow. From the finest core materials, it is made to be iriki with a moderate curve.

Made with 5 layers and 21 parts. Excellent elasticity due to the carbon inserts. This design is also popular.

When the requested size or strength is not available, we will have to custom order from the manufacturer. It can take several months to receive a custom made bow.