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"Progress with DVD! Archery" Hold the basics and master the shooting. Author: Makino Matsuo 【K-044]】 - DVDで上達!弓道 基本を押さえ、射法をマスター 著者:松尾牧則

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Hold the basics and master the shooting!
Everything from basic operation to tool care is OK with this one book!
Get results in the game! A wealth of tips for improving!

Easy to read in full color!
You can understand more easily with DVD!

Author: Makinori Matsuo Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
August 6, 2019 Published by Natsume

※The language of books and DVDs is Japanese.

prologue Keep the basics of Kyudo
chapter One Master the shooting
chapter Two To acquire basic posture and body posture
chapter Three Overcoming shooting
chapter Four Learn basic practice
chapter Five Learn how to handle bows
chapter Six Compete in competitions and grades
end of a book Kyudo Glossary