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Kimono - Super Wool Size:XXL 着物 スーパーウール 特々大 

Price:JPY35,640(not including Shipping)

Model: H-025


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100% Wool
Men's only.
Available in Black or Navy.

Select a size or choose Custom Order and include your measurement information.

Size Measurements:

Men's A B C D
Small 32cm 34cm 50cm 100cm
Medium 32cm 36cm 50cm 100cm
Medium/Large 32cm 38cm 53cm 105cm
Large 34cm 36cm 53cm 105cm
Extra Large 34cm 38cm 53cm 107cm
XX Large 34cm 42cm 53cm 114cm

Women's A B C D
Small 30cm 32cm 50cm 96cm
Medium 32cm 32cm 50cm 96cm
Medium/Large 33cm 34cm 53cm 100cm
Large 32cm 34cm 53cm 96cm
Extra Large 34cm 36cm 53cm 100cm