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Kimono Under Garment male Size:XL 着物下着(男性用襦袢) 特大

Price:JPY5,940(not including Shipping)

Model: H-037
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color sample
Men's only.
Color: White
Linen, Cotton, Tetron blend. Usable all year.

If you are ordering this to match a kimono you already own, please also send measurements A, B, C and D as shown on the image to the right.

Size Measurements:

Men's A B C D
Small 32cm 32.5cm 49.5cm 100cm
Medium 32cm 34.5cm 49.5cm 100cm
Medium Large 32cm 36.5cm 52.5cm 105cm
Large 34cm 34.5cm 52.5cm 105cm
Extra Large 34cm 36.5cm 52.5cm 107cm
XX Large 34cm 40.5cm 52.5cm 114cm