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Kimono Under Garment for Hada-Nugi Size:XXL 肌脱ぎ用下着(男性用襦袢) 特々大

Price:JPY10,800(not including Shipping)

Model: H-041
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color sample
Men's only
Color: White
100% Polyester; Doesn't stick to skin in warm weather, so perfect for use in hada-nugi.

If you are ordering this to match a kimono you already own, please check the chart below to make sure the measurements of your kimono match the size you are ordering.

If you need a size larger than those shown below, please choose the Custom Order option and provide the Height, Chest, Waist, Weight and Arm Length meaurements below.

Size Measurements:

Size A B C D
S 32cm 33cm 49cm 95cm
M 32cm 35cm 49cm 95cm
ML 32cm 37cm 52cm 100cm
L 34cm 35cm 52cm 100cm
XL 34cm 37cm 52cm 102cm
XXL 34cm 41cm 52cm 109cm