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Bow Sizes & Comparison

The strength of bows are measured at a different pull length for the different sized bows. These lengths are as follows:

Bow size Measured at draw length:
Nami-sun 85cm
Nisun-nobi 90cm
Yonsun-nobi 95cm

This is a quick glance chart of the bows we carry and the sizes in which they are available. Bamboo bows are not listed.

Carbonglass Bows Nanashaku Namisun Nisun Nobi Yonsun Nobi Rokusun Nobi
Jikishin 1 Carbon
Renshin Carbon
Jikishin 2 Carbon
Bessaku Sui
Tokusaku Sui
Tokusei Sui
Bessaku Rin
Tokusaku Rin
Fiberglass Bows
Jikishin 3 Bamboo
Jikishin 2
Jikishin 1
Tokusaku Eishu

Comparing Carbon Bows

The differences between the Sui, Jikishin and Higo Sozan carbon bows are all in their back curve. The back curve (the amount of curve the bow has when not strung) is what helps the arrow fly. The larger the back curve, the less the recoil on your body. For example, the Higo Sozan has the largest back curve that closely resembles a bamboo bow, and therefore has the least amount of recoil. The Jikishin is nearly straight, so it has a larger amount of recoil. The Sui has a curve in between these two.

Otherwise, the construction and materials used for each of these bows varies slightly, but can only be evaluated by feel by the archer. None of them are better or worse, just different.

As for us here at Sambu, we recommend the Sui and Tokusei Sui based on the design and the feel of the pull.