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Inden (Japanese suede and urushi)

For Japanese suede and urushi are considered a nice row material,and together make the best harmony ever.
Urushi and suede make a beautiful combination together,durable,veritable and hight quality.

From ancient times,Japanese have used suede,is said to be very close on human skin like texture,elasticity and softnes.
It was used by Japanese warrior to make the armour,becouse is very light,but lasting and in the same time is also soft and delicate to touch.
The sued was and still is considerate in Japan one of the best skin used as raw material.

Sience the dawn of history Japanese commonly used wooden and earthen vessels coated with urushi,that is a Japanese wood laquer.
Laquered urushi has a uniquely pure beautiful shine,profundly serene colors and gentle warmth of touch.
Japanese have a particulare affection for them and hold them in hight esteem due to their unique ability to convey the richness of Japan's cultural heritage.

Urushi is:
Protective-is a liquid that can be applied to just about any surface wood,metal,cloth,ceramics,etc.When is solidifies it becomes very hard clouting that waterproofs and protects.
Urushi's hardnes and durability make it an excelent protective coating for any object required to be preserved and used continually over a long period of time.

Adhesive-the first use of urushi was as a adeshive in stone age,people use it to make spears and arrows,today its adhesive property is used to connect object pieces and to attach decoration.

Form and shape-by adding clay powder to thicken it,urushi can be shaped into decorative objects.Cloth is also given form and shape by coating it with rice glue-urushi mixture.

Decoration-urushi resin can be dyed black,red,brown or yellow.
Especially in Japan the decorative power of urushi has become an important aspect of its artistic culture.

The suede and urushi are used together for make nigirikawa,kakebukuro,tsurikawa,but also bags,wallets,key holders,etc.
The products made with suede and urushi have a beutiful and delicate aspect and color, a hight quality and durability.