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(Custom order)Shin - Higo Sozan - Fiberglass - San-sun Nobi 【オーダー製作】 真 肥後蘇山 グラス 三寸伸 

Price:JPY49,300(not including Shipping)

Model: A-119

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The "Higo Sozan Shin" is further step in the evolution of the exceedingly stable Higo Sozan line of bows.

Until now, the strong points of the Higo Sozan line - the smoothness of Hikiwake, the low vibration at Hanare, the stable flight of the arrow - have all been brought forward and strengthened by the 10-part construction in this improved model. The 'Shin' comes in a fiberglass and carbonglass model, but the carbon model in particular is made with carbon material that is strong against the twisting motion and further improves the flight of the arrow.

This bow is custom order, so It can take about 3 or 4 months to receive a custom made bow.

Due to the nature of construction, the pull strength on this bow is approximate. For example, a bow ordered at 16k will turn out to be 16.0k ~ 16.9k.